1. a prevailing custom or style of dress, etiquette, socializing, etc.: the latest fashion in dresses.
2. conventional usage in dress, manners, etc., esp. of polite society, or conformity to it: the dictates of fashion; to be out of fashion.
3. manner; way; mode: in a warlike fashion.
4. the make or form of anything: He liked the fashion of the simple, sturdy furniture.
5. a kind; sort: All fashions of people make up the world.
6. Obsolete.
7.Obsolete. act or process of making.
Origin: 1250-1300; ME facioun shape, manner

—Synonyms 1. mode; fad, rage, craze. Fashion, style, vogue imply popularity or widespread acceptance of manners, customs, dress, etc. Fashion is that which characterizes or distinguishes the habits, manners, dress, etc., of a period or group: the fashions of the 18th century. Style is sometimes the equivalent of fashion, but also denotes conformance to a prevalent standard: to be in style; a chair in the Queen Anne style. Vogue suggests the temporary popularity of certain fashions: this year's vogue in popular music. 4. shape, cut, pattern, figure. 8. frame, construct, mold. 9. suit, fit. (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/fashion)

In 2008, LP Fashion Net World Ltd was founded, a company that is dedicated to the representation, promotion, and positioning of Fashion Designers and Brands in Europe. Strategically based in Cyprus, at the gateway of Middle East, Africa, and Europe, FNW offers a unique concept of fashion management. The company also has offices in Spain and Italy.

In 2011 the company expanded its services. A team of experts in fashion around the world was created, and they act as buyers for high end shops. Their work consists in travelling around, visiting fairs, etc, in order to bring the best according to the needs of each shop. We always try to find designers and brands that offer fresh, fashionable but above all stylish and elegant items.

What used to be a personal challenge became the soul of a whole business. Commitment to our customers is fundamental and is based on trust and respect. Our job consists in finding new ways to satisfy the demands of our customers, so they can themselves satisfy the demands of the market. Taking care of relationships means maintaining a constant dialogue, from the planning process, the purchasing advise, planning the range and supply of the products, and all the way to marketing and merchandising.

The company is working on an exclusive basis with Josep Font, Miriam Ocariz, and Ailanto (Spain), Doii Lee (Korea), CC Skye (USA), Corto Moltedo, Album di Famiglia, Cacharel Underwear, Francesca Zunino, Cor Sine Labe Doli, Cesare Gatti, and Piacenza (Italy), Edward Achour, Marion Vidal, and I Lock you (France), Julian Hakes (UK), and Serpui Marie (Brazil).

Life is all about getting inspired!
Loulla Kassandra Potsos

Fashion Net World Ltd is a Cypriot Registered company
email: fashionnetworld@gmail.com web http://www.fashionnetworld.blogspot.com/
facebook: Fashion Net World